Population Reports

Reports are listed by country in alphabetical order.

Population Stabilization in Bangladesh: Problems, Prospects and Policy Issues – Dr. Atiqur Rahman Khan, Director of Training, Director (ret.) of MCH-FP Services and Chief of Population in the Planning Commission, and Ms. Mufaweza Khan, Executive Director, Concerned Women for Family Planning

DRAFT REPORT: State and Dynamics of Population in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Mangalu Mobhe Agbada, Ph.D., National Coordinator of the Unit of Studies and Planning of the Promotion of the Family, Women and Child Welfare

Broullion: Etat et dynamique de la Population en Republique Democratique du Congo – Mangalu Mobhe Agbada, Ph.D., Coordonnateur National de la Cellule d’Etudes et de Planification de la Promotion de la Famille, de la Femme et de la Protection de l’Enfant

Population Stabilization Policies and Programs in Egypt: 2014 – Dr. Osama Refaat, Deputy Director of Regional Center for Training in Family Planning and Reproductive Health, OB/GY Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University

Population Stabilization Report, Ethiopia – Gemuchu Kuffa, Ministry of Health

Ghana_Population Stabilisation Report – National Population Council 

Population Stabilization in Bihar, India: Situational Analysis and Future Directions – Anant Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Rural Development at Xavier Institute of Social Service,  and Jay Satia, Advisor, Public Health Foundation, and Director-in-Charge of Indian Institute of Public Health

Population Stabilization in Uttar Pradesh, India: Past, Present and Future Directions – Dr. Usha Ram, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health & Mortality Studies, International Institute for Population Sciences

Population Stabilization: Kenya Case – Charles Oisebe, National Council for Population and Development

Stabilization of the Population: the Madagascar Case – Dr. Andre Pierre Lazamanana, National Coordinator of Social Protection Programs, Ministry of Population, Social Protection and Women’s Empowerment

Stabilisation de la population in Madagascar – Dr. Pierre Lazamanana, Coordonnatrice nationale des programmes de protection sociale, Ministère de la population, de la protection sociale et de l’autonomisation des femmes

Demography in Mali: Situation and Implications – Mr. Mountaga Toure, Executive Director, Malian Association for the Protection and Promotion of the Family

Demographie au Mali: Situation et implications – Mr. Mountage Toure, Directeur Executif de l’AMPPF (Association Malienne pour la Protection et la Promotion de la Famille)

Nigeria’s Progress in Achieving Population Stabilization – Mrs. F. N. Abdulraheem, National Planning Commission

Population Stabilization: the Case for Pakistan – Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Director General, Ministry of Population Welfare

People Beyond Numbers: the Road to Population Stabilization in the Philippines – Tomas Osias, Lolito Tacardon and Luis Pedroso, Commission on Population

The Evolution of the Population in Senegal – Dr. Boubacar Samba Dankoko, Medical Public Health Specialist, Technical Adviser No. 1, Ministry of Health

Evolution_de la_population_du_Sénégal_- Docteur Boubacar Samba Dankoko, Medecin Specialiste en Sante Publique, Conseiller technique no 1 du Ministre de la Sante, de l’Hygiene Publique et de la Prevention du Senegal

Population Stabilization in Tanzania – Grace Lusiola and Maurice Hiza, National Family Planning Coordinator, Ministry of Health

Uganda Transition towards Population Stabilisation – Dr. Betty Kyaddondo, Director, Family Health Department, Population Secretariat

Population Stabilization: Efforts and Challenges: Case of Yemen – Abdul-Malik Ali Sharafuddin, Director General, Planning and Resource Mobilization, National Population Council, Technical Secretariat

Zimbabwe Population Stabilisation Report – Dr. Munyaradzi Murwira, Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council

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